Superhero Pose for Genesis 2 and Genesis 3


Do you need some superhero poses for your comic? Take a look at my first release at DAZ3D, Superhero Poses for Genesis 2 and 3.

It’s a set of Superhero Poses for Genesis 3 Female and Male and Genesis 2 Female and Male which includes 24 action poses with its mirrored versions for each figure.

It has poses like flying, punch, Hadouken, landing, defense, kicking, etc.

This pose pack includes:

  • 24 Poses for Genesis 2 Female (+ mirrored versions)
  • 24 Poses for Genesis 2 Male  (+ mirrored versions)
  • 24 Poses for Genesis 3 Female  (+ mirrored versions)
  • 24 Poses for Genesis 3 Male  (+ mirrored versions)
  • Reset Pose for each figure

Probably, these poses will be helpful not only for your renders but also for illustrators and comic artists that need a good superhero pose reference to draw.

Hope you enjoy them!


Superhero costume for Dawn – WIP

This is a superhero costume for Dawn that I’m working on. It will come with 24 superhero poses plus mirrored versions. Soon it will be available at HiveWire3D store.
superhero costume for Dawn
The suit is done. But I’m still going to make some other options (materials) for the suit, mask, and boots. So you can customize them as you like.
superhero mask
superhero boots
These are basic renders in Daz Studio with Iray. And I need to do the Poser version.
Below I’ve tested it with Dawn Starter Morphs. Which needs some morphs for the breast.