Hands for Genesis 8 and 3 Female

Hands for Genesis 8 and 3 Female

Now you can easily pose the hands for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 3 Female with one click with this set which includes a total of 70 hand poses (35 for the left hand and 35 for the right hand) + a reset pose for both hands.

You make realistic and natural poses for both hands of Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 Female.

And as a bonus there are 12 partial upper body poses, so your character will be more expressive in your renders.

Partial Upper Body Poses for Genesis 8 and 3 Female

What’s Included and Features

  • Hands for Genesis 3 & 8 Female: (.DUF)
    • 35 Left and Right Hand Poses for Genesis 3 Female
    • 35 Left and Right Hand Poses for Genesis 8 Female
    • 12 Partial Poses for Genesis 3 Female
    • 12 Partial Poses for Genesis 8 Female

Available now at Daz3D.

Superhero Pose for Genesis 2 and Genesis 3


Do you need some superhero poses for your comic? Take a look at my first release at DAZ3D, Superhero Poses for Genesis 2 and 3.

It’s a set of Superhero Poses for Genesis 3 Female and Male and Genesis 2 Female and Male which includes 24 action poses with its mirrored versions for each figure.

It has poses like flying, punch, Hadouken, landing, defense, kicking, etc.

This pose pack includes:

  • 24 Poses for Genesis 2 Female (+ mirrored versions)
  • 24 Poses for Genesis 2 Male¬† (+ mirrored versions)
  • 24 Poses for Genesis 3 Female¬† (+ mirrored versions)
  • 24 Poses for Genesis 3 Male¬† (+ mirrored versions)
  • Reset Pose for each figure

Probably, these poses will be helpful not only for your renders but also for illustrators and comic artists that need a good superhero pose reference to draw.

Hope you enjoy them!


Alien Lip Sync Animation Test

This is a lip sync animation test I’m working on as the animator for an independent Sci-Fi Comedy film called “Acordem Ovelhas” (Wake Up Sheep).

I animated it in Poser and then rendered in Carrara. I used the character¬†M4 Dragalien by RawArt¬†which I purchased at Daz3D. It’s another awesome character by RawArt!

Robson Bailarino, a Brazilian comedian, recorded¬†the voice for me and he also imitates a lot of famous voices. ūüôā

Ricardo Chacur, a friend of mine,  is the director of the film.



Making Ratita

What I’m gonna show here is not a tutorial. Just a little step by step of how I did the site’s banner. Ratita is based on Victoria 4 from Daz3D model.
Normally I use Daz Studio to create the character and then open it in Carrara to compose the scene to render. But this was straight in Carrara. I like this software because it renders faster than others such as Poser and Daz Studio and in few minutes I have a great picture.
First of all, load Victoria 4 that comes with her basic texture.

Victoria 4 in Carrara

Then I googled for textures and clothes that matched the visual that I had already drawn Ratita in 2d. There’re several sites like ShareCG, Renderosity, MOST Digital Creations, Content Paradise, Art Raiders, Evil Innocence where you can download clothes, skins texture (skin), hair, jewelry, poses, and even full characters for free use. In¬†Daz3D site, there’re some free too.

Victoria 4 customized to Ratita

In Texture tab in Carrara, I customized textures according to her and I added the logo¬†of my favorite band on the shirt. But you can’t always find everything, like mouse ears, so I had to model them in Hexagon, a Daz3D software really easy to model.


Modeling Ratita mouse ears in Hexagon

I exported V4 head to Hexagon only as a reference for modeling. And from a sphere, I could model the ears in a few minutes.
Back to Carrara, I imported the ears and I did some test renders with global illumination.

Test render in Carrara with global illumination
Finally, I added fur on the ears with Hair tool,¬†I posed her and adjusted the¬†camera’s frame to the size of the header and did the final render.


I love this character because she has a mix of cosplay, anime with a¬†Rock’n’Roll mood. All I like!
Later on, I intend to post some tutorials, tips, and tricks on how to start in 3D in a fun way, without so much frustration.