Naneth for Victoria 4

Naneth for Victoria 4

Naneth is a wonderful elf girl morph for Victoria 4.2++ with a very
nicely detailed custom face and body morph. She’s released at YURdigital*.
I created this character morph with Wet Hair from Daz3D
and Thalia‘s textures from Illusions Designs.
But you can use any texture and hair you want.

Naneth head morph for victoria 4Naneth body morph for Victoria 4

Naneth morph for V4

Clothes are freebies:

Xmas Fantasy Outfit by kaleya
DeltaWear for V4 by tentman
Fantasy sword by porsimo

For Poser and Daz Studio.

* This product is not longer available at Yurdigital. If you would like to purchase it, contact me.

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