How to make mirror pose in Poser

I showed you how to make mirror pose in Daz Studio, in the previous tutorial. Now I’m gonna show you how I do my mirror pose in Poser and particularly for me, it works great.

I had tried to do this straight in Poser as I did in Daz Studio by clicking on Figure > Symmetry > Swap Right and Left.

Mirror pose in Poser

Poser does the symmetry pretty well, but when I change the X Translate of the Hip from negative to positive to make Dawn grab the pole, as I did in Daz Studio, she doesn’t even get grab it yet and you must have to move her to the right position by hand.

And not only on the X axis but either on the Z axis.

Mirror pose in Poser

So I figured out a solution for this. A plugin for Daz Studio which exports poser formats, Poser Format Exporter (PFE). Available at DAZ3D.

After install it. Go to your Content Library and scroll down to the folder Scripts > Utilities > Poser Format Exporter v1.4 (DS4 Only)

Now all I have to do is exporting my mirrored pose from Daz Studio to Poser! 😀

Here are the settings:

Daz3D PFE plugin

In the menu you click on Path… to choose the directory in Poser you want to save the pose.

In File Name fill with the name of your pose. I put Pole Dance 19_M (M for mirror pose) and chose the .pz2 format.

You can also choose .fc2 for face and .hd2 for hand.

And set the rest as showed at the image.

Here’s the result in Poser!

Mirror Pose From Daz Studio to Poser

Maybe there’s a script to do the same in Poser or another method that I don’t know, but for me, this way works very nice and the PFE I got for free on Daz3D a few years ago.

If you know a better way to do the symmetry, please comment! I’ll be grateful.

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