How to make mirror pose in Daz Studio

I’m doing a new set of poses for Dawn, and I have seen a lot of people asking how to mirror pose. So I decided to make this mini tutorial.

So here’s the pose I wanna mirror:


Pole Dance Pose

In Daz Studio 4.6 (or newer) I go to Edit > Figure > Symmetry… or the shortcut Shift+Y.

In the Symmetry panel, you need to set these settings as shown below.

Symmetry panel

Note that this pole dance pose is wrong. Dawn is not grabbing the pole as in the original pose and I have to adjust her.

Most important thing to do when you are making poses to be saved is to position the character around the scene by the Hip, not selecting the entire body.

Look at the figure below and see the X Translate value of  the Hip is -16.58.

mirror pose not perfect yet

So I have to set a positive value 16.58 and now her hands are on the pole. Finally, you just have to save it as a mirror pose of the first one.

correct mirror pose

In the next post, I will teach you how I do that in Poser.
Any doubt, comment. See ya!

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