Hands for Dawn


Hands for Dawn

Hands for Dawn
is my new release on Hivewire3D. A set of 32 hand poses for Dawn. This
set includes + 6 partial upper body poses as a bonus. I think this pack
is very useful to pose the hands very quickly for Dawn express herself.
Also includes a default hand position to reset the pose.
Some poses need to turn the limits off, so turn off to get the desired result. And it is recommended to turn off the IKs too.

This set includes the following hands: Bang, Call Me, Come Here, Come With Me, Default, Fist, Five, Four, Give Me, Grab (1 & 2), Grasp, Holding, Little, Luck, OK, Pick UP, Point (1 & 2), Reaching, Rock, Salute (1, 2 & 3), Seeding, Spread, Stop, Take This, Three (1 & 2), Thumbs Up, Victory and  Writting.

Partial Poses

+ 6 partial upper body poses for both hands: Applause, Heart Sign, Holding Cloth, Offering, Thinking and Praying.

For Poser and Daz Studio.
Hope you enjoy it!

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