Maggie for Victoria 4


Maggie head morph for V4

My newest release at YURdigital*. Maggie
is a beautiful chubby girl for Victoria 4. She has a nicely detailed
custom face and body morph. Skin textures are not included. However, you
can use any V4 textures with this morph. In this render I used Antonia V4
from Illusions Designs.
I hope you like her and I hope to do some more custom chubby morphs. šŸ™‚
For Poser and Daz Studio.

* This product is not longer available at Yurdigital. If you would like to purchase it, contact me.

Making Hair Fits for Dawn

Refit I’m working on. The hair is from Menka’s Narcissy Gold Hair for K4. The Before pic was when I loaded the hair for the first time and I
was trying to figure out where it ends up. šŸ™‚

Download for free on ShareCG for Daz Studio and Poser.

Messing around I got this kind of afro style. But only for Poser because
it has some morphs wich I can’t load in DS due to the pmd file. I don’t
know if it’s looking good or not to share. What do you think?


Dawn – A new 3D figure

Dawn from Hivewire3D

Dawn is a new figure for Poser and Daz Studio created by Hivewire3D – a company run by former members of Daz3D as Chris Creek, original creator of Poser figures, Dork and Posette, as well as Victoria and Michael from Daz3D.

Released in August, the Base Figure (image above) which comes with hair, bikini, body suit, some poses and textures is available for free on the Hivewire3D store. You need at least Poser 9 or Daz Studio 4.5 or newer.

I’ve done some poses with her. Poses very difficult to get a natural look and she poses well. Her joints (arms, hands, legs, neck) gently bend and twist better than Victoria 4. Not to mention the toes which bend independently.
Soon I’ll post a pack of poses that I’m developing and also some freebies.

Burning Babes Gang – WIP

Making the cover art


cover art test render

Carrara is really handy. It can support a bunch of characters and props in a scene without slow down your computer. These scenes below have more than 1 million polygons.


Making a panel


Making a panel

I like these camera angles, so now I have to tweak some lights to render. Normally I render the characters and background separated to do a postwork in Photoshop.


Looking at my old files, I found these pictures of the Ultraman I did a few years ago.
This hero was part of my childhood and I remember I ran out from school everyday to home to watch a new episode.


This is a 3D model for Poser made by CandyĀ . For those who are a fan of the series, he also did severalĀ monsters.

Ultraman X
I created the Ultraman X based on the Ultrawoman by Candy at the time I tried to do comics but it didn’t pass the second page. rs
Ultraman X 3D comic

I think he should not have screamed. 8 (

Finally, this animation is based on the original opening. It was brodcasted on the MTV BrazilĀ in 2004.